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Paraza is situated between the Corbières and the Minervois.

Thanks to its mountain range, the rivers, the Canal du Midi and the ocean there is

a wide variety of cultural, sporting and nature activities. The Languedoc-Roussilon

is yet to be fully discovered by tourism. Here you are far from the busy noisy roads.





There are the mountains of Montagne Noir, the caves, castles of the Cathars,

châteaux, monasteries, cathedrals, churches, Roman forts.

There are the ocean and the beaches, vinyards and fishing villages.

There plenty of challenges for the sportsmen and women.

Hiking, jogging, horseback riding, cycling, sailing, kayaking, are all fun ways to move around.

There is also surfing, hang-gliding, fishing, canoeing. Tennis and boule are possible near by.

here is night-life in the towns.

There is the Lac de Jouares, and the Aude, the Orb, the Cesse, the Orbieu are beautiful

rivers. There are oyster beds and Etangs. This is one of the world's largest wine growing areas

with all its wine tastings, with bread and cheese, markets, village fetes, theatres and concerts.

Give yourself over to this region and Paraza.

The places where the cathars lived and suffered are particularly worthy of note, starting from

Minerve and going via the castles of Mont Segur to Carcassonne.

The monasteries, churches and châtaux are worth a visit.


The "Reserve Africaine" is extensive compond with small and large african animals.

Waterparks and quad-biking invite you to further adventures.


All year round there are theatre performances, concerts and festivals.

You can even make the night into day frequenting the discos or animations

near the Mediterranean.


Tourist brochures and our recommendations are available for your perusal

in the Schwanen Villa.

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