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Ethics of game rules

Please report any damage or grievances on the first day.

Please leave the house in good order, clean and as found on arrival.

You are of course welcome to leave the place neater than you found it.




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This means:

0. Smoking is allowed outside.

1. Please put things back in good order, particularly books, games and cushions.

    (into the designated trunk)

2. Empty bottles, rubbish, cigarette ends, spilled wax to be removed.

3. The house is clean when you arrive and should be left as found; the area of the pool clean;

    barbecue and other left overs to be cleared away.

4. No 'footprints' (like dog-droppings) from the animals.

5. If food is left on departure, please to leave in the fridge or next to it.

6. If necessary provide a list of damaged property.

7. After long term rentals: Beds are stripped and bedding left there with the towels.

8. The notes with terms and conditions for the use of the pool will be signed by you;

    you will be responsible.

9. Please write comments in our guest book!


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